A series “Fortunate Women” consists of five graphic works created in the screen printing technique. The aim that motivated me to create graphics was that I wanted to present images of saints and blessed women of the Catholic Church in the contemporary way. I selected screen printing to refer to popular culture. The inspiration for me were the works of Pop Art’s artists in particular – Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. Drawings of the figures, flat spots of attributes and symbols relate to the world of comics – a world of heroes, unique people. On the other hand, the graphics were shaped as medallions, those that can be found on the stone tombstones, printed grid was designed to cause associations with tombstones medallions. This element indicates an emphasis of history.
Subject of holy women seems to be a bit forgotten. I chose the women who were very different from each other in personalities and biographies, but the same “path” linked them – the path to holiness. In this title I called them fortunate women. This term is not without justification, each of these women was considered blessed that means fortunate. In the texts of Edith Stein (“Spiritual fortress”), Therese of Lisieux (“The History of the Soul”) and Faustina Kowalska (“Diary”), happiness can be understood in two ways, already here on earth – the joy of being in a personal relationship with God and happiness that is on the “other side” – eternal. Reading their biographies, texts just confirmed that these women were unusual and very inspiring persons.